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The Meaning of Bizarre Plumbing Noises

Mysterious plumbing noises like to make themselves known in the middle of the night. Oh, it’s 2 AM? It’s the perfect time for the pipes to make a random loud, banging noise! Desperately trying to fall asleep? What could be more soothing than the constant drip-drip-drip coming from an unknown source? Plumbing sounds can be frustrating, disturbing, and yes, downright scary. However, it’s important to pay attention to them. It may be the plumbing’s way of indicating that something is in need of a tune-up.

After a few plumbing repairs, those unpleasant plumbing noises should quiet down immediately (unless, of course, the house actually is haunted…but even haunted houses should have well-maintained plumbing).

Hear That Dripping?

Tracking down the source of a dripping sound can be maddening. After grabbing a wrench and checking every sink, faucet, and toilet in the house, the mysterious drip-drip-drip can still be heard. Most likely, the sound is coming from a pipe that cannot be easily reached or seen. A dripping sound should not be ignored, as it most likely is being caused by a leak and there may already be water damage that needs to be mitigated. Alternatively, the dripping could be coming from a tub or sink trap that has become clogged.

In some cases, hydrojetting may be necessary to clear out the problem. Sometimes, it takes a little hunting to track down the source of a mysterious dripping sound, but for trained plumbing professionals (often equipped with specialized equipment) the source of the problem will soon be discovered and corrected.

What’s That Knocking Noise?

arm knocking on a door

Ghosts in the pipes? Possibly. A more likely alternative could be that an easy repair to the pipes themselves is needed. The water supply pipes, for example, may not be properly attached to the house. This can cause them to bang against the walls when the water is turned on or off. Resecuring the pipes is a relatively easy task for a plumber to accomplish. Sharp drops in air pressure can also cause a pipe to suddenly move, resulting in a knocking sound.

If the home is older or has copper piping, the knocking noise may be what is referred to as a water hammer, which happens when air chambers become filled with water. There could also be a problematic clog causing a disruption in the water flow, or a faulty pipe connection. A qualified plumbing expert will easily be able to solve the mystery of the knocking pipes.

When Toilets Gurgle

A noisy toilet is quite disconcerting. If there is an audible gurgling sound after the toilet is flushed, or the toilet flushes on its own, this is a sign of trouble that should not be ignored. These could be indicators of an imminent plumbing backflow, which is a true plumbing nightmare. However, the most likely cause of the gurgling is a clog. The clog could be in the toilet itself, the drain, or the main sewer line.
Problems with the sewer line can become quite complex and have unexpected sources, such as tree roots putting pressure on the pipes. If using the plunger and the drain snake fails to clear the clog, do not wait to call a plumber. Part of the pipes may need to be replaced, and plumbing problems should always be addressed sooner rather than later.

water going down a sink drain

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