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Inventive Ways to Remodel Bathroom

For many, winter is the best time to perform interior home upgrades. If you can’t work outside, you might as well focus on renovations inside. Revamping the bathroom is always a great way to add value to a home and increase aesthetic appeal at the same time. Here are five inventive ways to give any bathroom a makeover.

Arlington, VA Bathroom-Remodeling-ServicesInstall Variable-Pressure Fixtures

The biggest problem with most bathrooms is the fact that water pressure is generally a one-size-fits-all affair. You can make your bathroom a lot more agreeable for every user by installing variable-pressure shower heads and faucets.
Placing flow-control valves in between the water heater and bathroom outlets can achieve this dream in short order.

Add a Heat System Under the Floor

Few people enjoy a cold bathroom floor during the winter before bathing or showering. Adding the ability to heat the floor beforehand is pretty easy if you’re willing to do a little demolition. A radiant heating system isn’t particularly expensive and gives you an excuse to redo the linoleum or tile.

Make the Storage Options Adjustable

Arlington homeowners have a million options when it comes to cabinets and storage in the bathroom. Between floating shelves, hidden pull-outs and sliders on rails, there’s no reason to settle for humdrum fixed shelving. Hanging basket systems that are suspended from the ceiling give you even more flexibility.

Put the Piping Front and Center

For most Arlington homeowners, exposed pipe is a faux pas. Those with a flair for design understand that pipes out in the open can be pretty fetching under the right circumstances. Replace PVC with copper or brass and let the raw beauty of the metal speak for itself as it leads to pedestal sinks and freestanding tubs.

Swap the Linoleum with Stone Tile

Unimaginative home builders default to vinyl or linoleum flooring in the bathroom due to water damage concerns. The truth is that stone tile can be just as effective as long as the grout work is done properly. Stone tile has the added benefit of working well with under-floor heating systems by acting as a heat sink.

Little Changes Can Make a Big Difference

It’s hardly necessary to strip your bathroom down to the studs to make the space look like a million bucks. Likewise, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to achieve stellar results in short order. If you take your time during the planning stage, even the smallest upgrades will yield major dividends.

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