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Top 10 Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal


Arlington Plumber1. Garbage is Bad for the Environment.

When food is put into the garbage, it ends up in the landfill where it decomposes and produces methane which is a greenhouse gas and very harmful to the environment. A garbage disposal avoids this by sending the waste to a water treatment plant.

2. Garbage Disposal Waste is Recycled.

When the waste is taken to the water treatment plant, special equipment is used to remove it from the water system and then the waste can be recycled into fertilizer.

3. It Reduces Odors.

Trashcans are smelly. You can spray them, clean them, and empty them regularly. But there will always be a smell attached to them. However if most of your food goes down your garbage disposal, then your kitchen trashcan will mostly be used for dry, non-smelly trash and the odors will go away.

4. Prevents Insects.

If you live in a region with lots of bugs, especially ants, there will be less risk of them infesting your kitchen if most of the scraps are sent down the garbage disposal.

5. Avoids Accidents with your Pets.

If you have a pet in your house, you already know that animals are crafty when it comes to getting into places they’re not supposed to. They certainly can’t judge between a tasty treat and something yummy they’ve found in the trashcan that could potentially result in an emergency visit to the vet. If you have a garbage disposal, you can easily avoid this risk.

6. They’re Cheaper Than you Think.

A garbage disposer uses very little water, runs best with cold water (so you don’t have to worry about the water heating costs) and one study shows that the electricity used to run it costs, on average, less than 50 cents a year.

7. They Save Money.

Far from being expensive, when you factor in the amount of money a household spends on garbage bags every year, a garbage disposal can even start to save money for you, because with less garbage going to the dump, you will use fewer bags and buy them less often.

8. They Save Room.

The garbage disposal is under the sink, nice and out of the way. Because you’ll have less garbage, you won’t need a large trash can in the kitchen, taking up valuable floor Arlington Garbage Disposal Servicesspace.

9. They Can be Installed in any Kitchen.

You don’t need a special sink or a special counter to accommodate your garbage disposal. If you have a kitchen sink, you can have a garbage disposal.

10. It is Easier to Keep your Sink Clean.

With a garbage disposal installed, you will never again have to deal with the gross, wet scraps of food that inevitably seem to find their way to the bottom of your sink. Instead you can just send them down into the disposal, quick and easy.
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