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Tank vs Tankless Water Heater recommendation by your Arlington PlumberThe decision to purchase a new water heater should be an informed decision. There are two types of water heaters available. Whether you decide to purchase a tank or tankless water heater, the decision should be based upon you and your family’s needs, as well as the following factors to consider:
Cost: Conventional water heaters will have an initial lower purchase price, but a tankless model will yield lower, long-term costs through lower energy bills. Heat escapes from tank water heaters causing the unit to run more. Tankless brands give water on demand and run only when hot water is needed.
Life/Maintenance: Tankless heaters will last approximately 20 years and require very little maintenance. Tank heaters need to be drained every six months to remove sediment build up. Tank heaters may rupture or leak and typically will last a maximum of 10 years. Tankless models have longer manufacturer warranties. If you are not planning on staying in your residence long-term, a tank heater should be purchased.
Environmental Impact: If you are a green person, a tankless water heater is higher on the green list. Tankless units are much smaller and have a lower recycle cost. Don’t forget, tank water heaters use much more energy than tankless heaters.
Space: Tankless heaters mount on walls or under cabinets. Depending on what you prefer, you can purchase one large unit that provides hot water for the entire house. You also have the option of purchasing smaller units that will be mounted in the areas requiring hot water. Because they are wall mounted, they look better and open up floor space that a tank heater would need.
It is important that the purchase of your water heater meets you and your family’s individual needs. Economically and environmentally speaking, a tankless water heater is the better option. They are easier to recycle and use less energy. If cost is the deciding factor, a conventional heater will be necessary. Other factors impacting purchase decision are space, life of the unit, length of the manufacturer’s warranty and how long you plan to stay in your residence.
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