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Why Do You Need a Permit for Plumbing?

Why do you need a permit for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project? There are plenty of reasons, based on cost savings, safety issues, and peace of mind. If you’ve ever lived through home renovations, you know how hard it can be to stay on budget and to keep stress levels down.
Getting a proper plumbing permit is one way to protect yourself and ensure that you receive a quality result that is safe and reliable for years to come. How do plumbing permits help you? Here is what you need to know.

Count on Your Licensed Professional

“noprofessional”For real peace of mind, you should work with a licensed professional right from the outset of your bathroom or kitchen remodel.
Not only can you rely on their superior training and experience to guide you successfully through the process, most licensed professionals insist on permits.
Why? Since it protects them and protects you at the same time. Following the permit process means that they are accountable for their work to a third party, which helps to build their reputation and ensure that the work meets the necessary industry standard.

Reduce Future Costs

“penaltyfine”Is the cost of a plumbing permit really worth it, especially if you are trying to keep costs under control during your project? Yes!
If you proceed to work without a permit, there is a good chance that you might have to pay hefty fines down the road.
If the work is discovered during a property inspection, or if damage occurs and is traced back to subpar work, you might have to pay the penalty.
Additionally, you might have to pay to have the work re-done from scratch, this time with permits! Save yourself from this stress and expense by doing the work right the first time with permits.

Ensure that the Work is Done Safely

“safetystandards”During the permit process, there will be periodic inspections, as well as a final inspection.
At each stage, an objective inspector from the city of Falls Church, VA will ensure that the plumbing meets code. If it doesn’t, it will have to be corrected to meet safety standards before you can proceed.
If you don’t have a permit, you won’t know for sure if the work has been done safely. By allowing yourself or another individual to produce subpar work throughout your kitchen or bathroom reno, you put your family at risk, and you leave your house open to structural damage from plumbing leaks.